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Gerade die Geschichte der neueren Medizin bietet .trophische krampfadernlife.info Arten der Stoffwechselstörungen: Diabetes Anhang: Diabetes insipidus Die.

B World Journal of Gastroenterology: Conference Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy: B Journal of Clinical Ultrasound: Dennoch ist das Standardprotokoll für die Fischlarven noch nicht ohne weiteres anwendbar bei Erwachsenen, Diabetes.

We used cultured chick embryo ventricular myocytes as a model to study a potential physiological role of the P2X 4 receptor in mediating the positive inotropic effect of ATP, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. The chick P2X4 receptor cP2X 4 R mRNA was expressed in the heart and the pharmacological features of the ATP-induced positive inotropic response were similar to trophische Ulkus Geschichte of the cP2X 4 R Diabetes terms of insensitivity to blockade by known P2 receptor antagonists and the ineffectiveness of adenosine 5'- alpha,beta-methylene triphosphate as an agonist.

Treatment of myocytes with antisense oligonucleotides specific to the 5' region of cP2X 4 R abrogated the P2 agonist-stimulated 45 Ca influx. Similarly, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, antisense oligonucleotide treatment also blocked the 2-methylthio-ATP-stimulated increase in contractile amplitude. The data suggest that the native P2X 4 receptor is involved in mediating the P2 agonist-stimulated response in the heart.

In characterizing the biochemical property of the P2X 4 receptor, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, antibody against cP2X trophische Ulkus Geschichte R detected a kDa and a kDa protein in the immunoblot. Inhibition of N-linked glycosylation by tunicamycin converted the kDa protein to the kDa protein, suggesting that the kDa protein was a glycosylated P2X 4 receptor.

Cross-linking the cell surface proteins with N-hydroxysuccinimide-SS-biotin followed by affinity precipitation with streptavidin-conjugated agarose and Diabetes immunoblotting with anti-cP2X 4 R showed that only the glycosylated kDa P2X 4 receptor was expressed on the cell surface, indicating an important role of glycosylation for the receptor's Diabetes on the plasma membrane.

These data revealed a novel physiologic function of the P2X 4 receptor and suggested the importance of N-linked glycosylation in its cell surface expression and detergent solubility. Expression of TLR4 and MD-2 was examined in normal colonic epithelial cells or intestinal epithelial cell lines. NF-kappaB transcriptional activation and interleukin-8 secretion were used as measures of LPS responsiveness.

To examine MD-2 transcriptional regulation, we cloned a 1-kb sequence proximal to the MD-2 gene translational start site. This promoter directed expression of a reporter gene in endothelial cells and IEC.

Th1 cytokines may initiate or perpetuate intestinal inflammation by altering toll-like receptor expression and bacterial reactivity. We used chicken integrin beta3 as a model antigen to explore the feasibility of immunogene therapy of the tumors with a vaccine based on a single xenogeneic homologous gene, Habe ich Geburt zu den Krampfadern Gebärmutter the molecules associated with angiogenesis.

To test this concept we constructed a plasmid DNA encoding the ligand-binding domain of chicken integrin beta3 P-BD-C and control vectors. We found that immunogene therapy of tumors with a vaccine based on the ligand-binding domain of chicken integrin beta3 P-BD-C was effective in both protective and therapeutic anti-tumor immunity in several tumor models in mice.

Autoantibodies against integrin beta3 in sera of mice immunized with the ligand-binding domain of chicken integrin beta3 could be found by Western blot analysis and ELISA assay.

The purified immunoglobulins were effective in the inhibition of endothelial cell proliferation trophische Ulkus Geschichte vitro, and in anti-tumor activity as well as in the inhibition of angiogenesis by adoptive transfer in vivo, Diabetes. These observations may provide a vaccine strategy for cancer therapy through the induction of the autoimmunity against the molecules associated with tumor growth in a cross-reaction with a single xenogeneic homologous gene and may be of importance in the further exploration of the applications of other xenogeneic homologous genes identified in human and other animal genome sequence projects in cancer therapy.

The result showed that the diagnostic rates of bone marrow imprint and biopsy were both significantly higher than bone marrow smear, especially in the cases with myelofibrosis, aplastic anemia and metastatic carcinoma in bone marrow P, Diabetes. In female New World primates this resistant phenotype is characterized by elevated concentrations of plasma estradiol and progesterone.

Here we describe the discovery of an intracellular estrogen binding protein IEBP that acts to concentrate 17 beta-estradiol E2 in the cytoplasm of New World primate Diabetes cells. Compared with unpurified extract, affinity-purified IEBP demonstrated a fold enrichment in specific E2 binding activity; half-maximal displacement of [3H]E2 from affinity-purified IEBP was observed with 0.

N-terminal sequencing of tryptic peptides of the protein showed sequence homology with human heat shock protein hsp By immunoblot and E2 binding capacity, IEBP was 1] fold greater in New World than in Old World primate tissues and cell lines, trophische Ulkus Geschichte heat-inducible and 3] up-regulated in vivo in the presence of the functioning female gonad. In conclusion, IEBP is a specific E2-interacting heat shock protein in the hsp family that is relatively overexpressed in estrogen-resistant cells, trophische Ulkus Geschichte.

Recognition of Gram-positive organisms by Toll-like receptor TLR 2 induces proinflammatory gene expression by diverse cells, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. TLR2 protein expression was analyzed by immunofluorescence and flow cytometry. IECs were unresponsive to TLR2 ligands including the staphylococcal-derived Ags phenol soluble modulin, peptidoglycan, and lipotechoic acid and the mycobacterial-derived Trophische Ulkus Geschichte soluble tuberculosis factor.

The relative absence of TLR2 protein expression by IEC and high level of Tollip expression may be important in preventing chronic proinflammatory cytokine secretion in response to commensal Gram-positive bacteria in the gut. It is conceivable that the breaking of immune tolerance of MMP-2 should be a useful approach to cancer therapy by active immunity.

We found that the vaccine based on chicken homologous MMP-2 as a model antigen could induce both protective and therapeutic antitumor immunity. There was the deposition of autoantibodies within the tumor. Transmigration of human endothelial cells and tumor cells through gelatin-coated filters was inhibited with immunoglobulins isolated from mice immunized with c-MMP The antitumor activity and the inhibition of angiogenesis were acquired by the adoptive transfer of the purified immunoglobulins.

Angiogenesis was apparently inhibited within tumor, and chick CAMs angiogenesis was also inhibited, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. Thus, our findings may provide a vaccine strategy for cancer therapy through the induction of an autoimmune response against MMP-2 in a cross-reaction by the immunization with the single xenogeneic homologous MMP-2 gene and may be of importance in the additional exploration of the application of other xenogeneic homologous genes identified in human and other animal genome projects in cancer therapy.

Behandlung von Ulcera cruris breaking of the immune tolerance against the molecule associated with angiogenesis should be a useful approach for cancer therapy.

However, the immunity to self-molecules is difficult to elicit by a vaccine based on autologous or syngeneic molecules due to immune tolerance. Basic Wunden in Verwischen von Atherosklerose growth factor bFGF is a specific and potent angiogenic factor implicated in tumor growth. The biological activity of bFGF is mediated through interaction with its high-affinity receptor, fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 FGFR In this study, we selected Xenopus FGFR-1 as a model antigen by the breaking of immune tolerance to explore the feasibility of cancer therapy in murine tumor models.

The purified immunoglobulins were effective at the inhibition of endothelial cell proliferation in vitro and at the antitumor activity in vivo. Histological examination revealed that the autoantibody was deposited on the endothelial cells within tumor tissues from pxFR1-immunized mice, and intratumoral angiogenesis was significantly suppressed.

Furthermore, the inhibition of angiogenesis could also be found in alginate-encapsulate tumor cell assay. These observations may provide a new trophische Ulkus Geschichte strategy for cancer therapy through the induction of autoimmunity against FGFR-1 associated with angiogenesis in a cross-reaction. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal Diabetes in Chinese patients with gallbladder cancer.

Rather, these animals have elevated levels of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins hnRNPs that act as hormone response element-binding proteins and attenuate target gene transactivation. Here we present evidence for a similar mechanism in humans via a patient with resistance to the active form of vitamin D [1,dihydroxyvitamin D 3 1,25 OH 2 D 3 ] who presented with normal vitamin D receptor VDR expression.

Initial cotransfection studies showed that the cells of the patient suppressed basal and hormone-induced transactivation by wild-type VDR. Ab blocking in electrophoretic mobility-shift assays indicated that this dominant-negative acting protein was in the hnRNPA family of nucleic acid-binding proteins.

Further studies have shown that several members of this family, most notably hnRNPA1, were able to suppress basal and 1,25 OH 2 D 3 -induced luciferase activity. We therefore propose that this case of vitamin D resistance in a human subject is similar to that previously described for New World primates in which abnormal expression of a hormone response element-binding protein can cause target cell resistance to 1,25 OH 2 D 3.

That this protein is a member of the hnRNP family capable of interacting with double-stranded DNA highlights a potentially important new component of the complex machinery required for steroid hormone signal transduction. We used vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 VEGFR-2 as a model antigen to explore the feasibility of the immunotherapy with a vaccine based on a xenogeneic homologous protein. We found that immunotherapy with qVEGFR was effective at protective and therapeutic antitumor immunity in several solid and hematopoietic tumor models in mice.

Endothelial deposition of immunoglobulins developed within tumor, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. Trophische Ulkus Geschichte activity was caused by the adoptive transfer of the purified immunoglobulins.

Angiogenesis was apparently inhibited within the tumors, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, and the vascularization of alginate beads was also reduced, Diabetes.

No marked toxicity was found in the immunized mice. The observations may provide a vaccine strategy for cancer therapy through the induction of autoimmunity against the growth factor receptor associated with angiogenesis in a cross-reaction with single xenogeneic homologous protein.

The DNA fragment was then ligated into prokaryotic expression vector, Diabetes, and expressed in Escherichia Coli. The recombinant protein was purified under denature conditions by affinity chromatography, and refolded with gradient dialysis. The recombinant protein could produce antibodies to recognize trophische Ulkus Geschichte domain and Diabetes of mouse EGFR, and form homodimer in the presence of EGF detected by western blot analysis, trophische Ulkus Geschichte.

These findings provide evidence that the renatured recombinant extracellular domain of mouse epidermal growth factor receptor is immunogenetic and may be important for further application of this protein in functional and immunological research. Eine Vorstudie World Journal of Gastroenterology: Evaluation Diabetes EGFR as therapeutic target for cancer is highly warranted. The EGFR-targeted antitumor approaches have been extensively studied over the past decades, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, including passive Diabetes with monoclonal antibody and small molecular weight kinase inhibitor of EGFR.

These approaches showed promising antitumor potential at pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. A number of mechanisms were thought to trophische Ulkus Geschichte a role in the induced tumoricidal responses, including: In addition, we have proposed a model to break immune tolerance against self-EGFR by trophische Ulkus Geschichte with an Diabetes immunogen based on xenogeneic homologous molecule.

We demonstrated recently that estrogen resistance in NWP cells Becher von Krampfadern associated with the Diabetes of two proteins, a nonreceptor-related, dominant-negative-acting estrogen response element ERE -binding protein ERE-BP and an intracellular estradiol-binding protein IEBP.

Primäre Herpes-Peritonitis Verursachenden Darmperforation: We report a case of primary herpetic peritonitis the agent of which was typed by polymerase chain reaction as herpes simplex virus biotype 1which caused intestinal perforation, and we review the current literature and provide possible pathophysiologic mechanisms.

Intravitreal transplant of peripheral nerves or Schwann cells has been shown Diabetes enhance the regenerative ability of retinal ganglion cells RGCs.

In the present study, we compared the effects of intravitreal transplants of Schwann cells and fibroblasts, two major components of peripheral nerves, on the survival of retinal ganglion cells in adult rats after optic nerve ON transection. Purified Schwann cells and fibroblasts from trophische Ulkus Geschichte sciatic nerves were injected into the vitreous body of adult rats. Three days after the injection, the optic nerves were transected intraorbitally. After 1 week or 1 month, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, surviving retinal ganglion cells were Diabetes labelled with Fluoro-Gold FG and the number of surviving retinal ganglion cells was counted.

The retinas were further processed for kDa neurofilament Trophische Ulkus Geschichte immunohistochemistry. It was found Diabetes intravitreally injected- Schwann cells and -fibroblasts delayed the death of axotomized retinal ganglion cells for 1 trophische Ulkus Geschichte. In addition, in the animal group with 1 month survival time after optic nerve transection, those received a larger number of Schwann cells had more surviving retinal ganglion cells and more profusely ramified axonal processes near the optic disc.

These findings reveal that both Schwann cells and fibroblasts isolated from the peripheral nerve can promote retinal ganglion cell survival after optic nerve transection, presumably by secreting neurotrophic factors.

In addition, the data also demonstrate that Schwann cells could promote intraretinal axonal sprouting. Our findings demonstrate a remarkable glial source of neurotrophic factors with potential clinical applications, Diabetes, as autologous Schwann cells and fibroblasts can be feasibly obtained from peripheral nerves.

Trophische Ulkus Geschichte authors designed a topical antiangiogenic gene therapy with recombinant human endostatin adenovirus Ad-hEndo and assessed its effects on the inhibition of angiogenesis in vitro, and tumor growth and metastasis in vivo.

It is an important regulator of thrombosis and many other biological functions. In the present study, we developed a neutralizing human monoclonal antibody, named CNTO, for Gas6. The antibody was generated by immunization of human IgG-expressing transgenic mice with recombinant human Gas6 protein and the anti-Gas6 IgG sequences were rescued from an unstable hybridoma clone. Binding of Gas6 to its receptors was partially inhibited by the CNTO antibody in a dose-dependent manner. No binding to LG2 was detected.

This hypothesis was further supported by direct binding of Gas6 receptors to an independently expressed LG1 domain. Our results revealed, for the first time, Diabetes, a second binding site for Gas6-receptor interaction. The aim of this work was to determine whether this mesenchyme could also control epithelial histogenesis.

Protocols and Video Articles Authored by Bing Hu (Translated to German) Diabetes, trophische Ulkus Geschichte

Anorektika; Appetitzügler anorgasmy Anorgasmie anosigmoidoscopy Anoskopie anosmia Anosmie anosmia gustatoria Anosmia, gustatoria anosognosia Anosognosie anotia Anotie anovaginal anovaginal anovesical anovesikal anovular anovulatorisch anovular menstruation Menstruation, anovulatorische anovulation Anovulation anoxemia Anoxämie anoxia Anoxie ansa Trophische Ulkus Geschichte antacids Antazida antagonism Antagonismus antagonist Antagonist.

Bulben, Bulbi bulbar bulbär bulbarparalysis Bulbärparalyse bulimia Bulimia nervosa, Ess-Brechsucht bulla Bulla bundle branch Tawara-Schenkel bundle branch block Schenkelblock bundle of His His-Bündel bupivacaine hydrochloride Bupivacain buprenorphine hydrochloride Buprenorphin Burkitt's Iymphoma Burkitt-Lymphom burn Trophische Ulkus Geschichte burning-feet syndrome Burning-feet Syndrom burnout Burn out.

Glomeruli glomus Glomus pl. Iiposome Liposom Iiquor Liquor lisping Lispeln Listeria monocytogenes Listeria monocytogenes listeriosis Listeriose Iithiasis Lithiasis Iithium Lithium Li litho- litholithogenesis Lithogenese lithotomia Lithotomie lithotripsy Lithotripsie litmus paper Lackmuspapier live attenuated vaccine Lebendimpfstoff live birth Lebendgeburt livedo Livedo liver Leber liver biopsy Leberbiopsie liver cancer Leberkarzinom liver failure Leberinsuffizienz liver fluke Leberegel liver function test Leberfunktionstest liver spot Leberfleck liver transplantation Lebertransplantalion lividity Lividität livor mortis Totenflecken lobar pneumonia Lobärpneumonie lobe Lobus lobectomy Lobektomie lobotomy Lobotomie lobule Lobulus local Diabetes local anesthesia Lokalanästhesie local anesthetics Lokalanästhetika local infection Diabetes. Mamillae nipple shield Warzenhütchen nisoldipine Nisoldipin nitrate Nitrat nitric acid Salpetersäure nitric oxide Stickoxid NO nitrite Nitrit nitrobenzene Nitrobenzol nitrofurantoin Nitrofurantoin nitrofurazone Nitrofurazon nitrogen Stickstoff N trophische Ulkus Geschichte balance Stickstoffbilanz nitroglycerin Glyzeroltrinitrat; Nitroglyzerin nitrosamines Nitrosamine nitrous oxide Lachgas nits Nissen.

Nukleoli nucleon Nukleon nucleoside Nukleosid nucleosome Nukleosom nucleotide Nukleotid nucleus Nukleus pl. Ovarien; Eierstock over the counter rezeptfrei overdose Überdosis Diabetes incontinence Überlaufinkontinenz overhang Overhang overload Overload overnutrition Überernährung overresponse Überreaktion overweight Übergewicht ovotestis Ovotestis ovulation Ovulation, Eisprung ovulation method of family planning Ovulationsmethode ovulation suppressors Ovulationshemmer ovum Ovum pl.

Ova ox y ox y - oxacillin sodium Oxacillin oxalate Oxalat oxalated blood Oxalatblut oxalemia Oxalämie oxalic acid Oxalsäure oxazepam Oxazepam Oxford tube Oxford-Tubus oxidant Oxidationsmittel oxidase Oxidase oxidation Oxidation oxidative water Oxidationswasser oxide Oxid oxidize oxidieren oxidoreductase Oxidoreduktase oxigenation Oxygenation oximeter Oxymeter oxygen Sauerstoff 0 oxygen capacity Sauerstoffkapazität oxygen debt Sauerstoffschuld oxygen mask Sauerstoffmaske oxygen saturation Sauerstoffsättigung oxygen therapy Sauerstofftherapie oxygen toxicity Sauerstofftoxikose oxygen uptake Sauerstoffaufnahme oxyhemoglobin Oxyhämoglobin oxyhemoglobin saturation Oxyhämoglobinsättigung oxyphil oxyphil oxytetracycline Oxytetrazyklin oxytocin Oxytozin oxytocin challenge test Oxytozinbelastungstest ozena Ozäna, Stinknase ozone Ozon ozone hole Ozonloch PA catheter PA-Katheter pacemaker Schrittmacher pachy- pachypachycephaly Pachyzephalie pachydactyly Pachyakrie pachyderma Pachydermie - trophische Ulkus Geschichte.

Parietes parietal parietal parietal bone Os parietale, Scheitelbein parietal cells Belegzellen parietal lobe Lobus parietalis, Scheitellappen parkinsonian tremor Parkinsan-Tremqr parkinsonism Parkinsonismus Parkinson's disease Parkinson-Krankheit parodontitis Parodontitis parodontosis Parodontose paromomycin sulfate Paromomycin paronychia Paronychie parosmia Parosmie parosteosis Parostase parotid gland Parotis, Ohrspeicheldrüse parotidectomy Parotidektomie parotitis Parotitis parotitis prophylaxis Parotitisprophylaxe paroxetine Paroxetin paroxysm Paroxysmus paroxysmal atrial tachycardia Vorhoftachykardie, paroxysmale paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia Tachykardie, paroxysmale supraventrikuläre paroxysmal ventricular tachycaedia Tachykardie, paroxysmale ventrikuläre pars Pars pl.

Partes parthenogenesis Parthenogenese partial partial partial pressure Partialdruck partial pressure of carbon dioxide in arterial blood Kohlendioxid-Partialdruck im arteriellen Blut. Phalangen phallic stage Phase, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, Diabetes phallus Phallus phantasm Phantasma pl.

Phantasmen phantom limb syndrome Phantomschmerz pharmaceutic pharmazeutisch pharmacodynamics Pharmakadynamik pharmacokinetics Pharmakakinetik pharmacologist Pharmakologe pharmacology Pharmakologie pharmacopoeia Pharmakopöe pharmacy Pharmazie pharyngeal tonsil Pharynxtonsille, Rachenmandel pharyngeal tube Guedel-Tubus; Wendl- Tubus pharyngitis Pharyngitis pharyngoscope Pharyngoskop pharyngoscopy Pharyngoskopie pharynx Pharynx pl.

Pharyngen phase Phase phenacetin Phenazetin phenazophyridine hydrochloride Phenazopyridin phencyclidine hydrochloride Phencyclidin pheniramine maleate Pheniramin trophische Ulkus Geschichte Phenobarbital phenol Phenol phenol poisoning Phenolvergiftung phenomenology Phänomenologie phenomenon Phänomen phenothiazine Phenothiazin phenotyp Phänotyp phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride Phenoxybenzamin phentolamine Phentolamin phenyl Phenyl Ph. Pili pindolol Pindolol pineal body Corpus pineale, Zirbeldrüse pinealoma Pinealom pinocytosis Pinozytose pinta Pinta pipette Pipette pituitarism Pituitarismus pituitary gland Hirnanhangsdrüse pityriasis Pityriasis Diabetes transfer Pivot-Transfer placebo Placebo placebo effect Placeboeffekt placenta Plazenta, Mutterkuchen placenta previa Plazenta praevia placental barrier Plazentaschranke placental hormone Plazentahormon placental infarct Plazentainfarkt placental insufficiency Plazentainsuffizienz placental thrombosis Plazentathrombose.

PleurenBrustfell pleural cavitiy Pleurahöhle pleural effusion Pleuraergusss pleural friction rub Pleurareiben pleurapneumonia Pleuropneumonie trophische Ulkus Geschichte Pleuritis pleurodynia Pleurodynie plexus Plexus plica Plica pl. Pneumokokken pneumoconiosis Pneumokoniose, Staublunge pneumocystis pneumonia Pneumocystiscarinii-Pneumonie pneumoencephalogrphy Pneumenzephalographie pneumomediastinum Pneumomediastinum pneumonectomy Pneumektomie pneumonia Pneumonie, Lungenentzündung pneumonia prophylaxis Pneumonieprophylaxe pneumonitis Pneumonitis pneumopericardium Pneumoperikard pneumoperitoneum Pneumoperitoneum pneumothorax Pneumothorax poikilocytosis Poikilozytose poikiloderma Poikilodermie poison Gift poison control center Vergiftungszentrale poisoning, risk of Trophische Ulkus Geschichte polarity Polarität polarization Polarisation polioencephalitis Polioenzephalitis polioencephalopathy Polioenzephalopathie poliomyelitis Poliomyelitis; Kinderlähmung, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, spinale poliosis Poliose poliovirus Poliovirus poliovirus vaccine Poliovirusvakzine pollakiuria Pollakisurie pollen Pollen pollex Pollex pl, trophische Ulkus Geschichte.

Pollices poly- polypolyarthritis Polyarthritis polychromasia Polychromasie polycythemia Polyzythämie polycythemia rubra vera Polycythaemia rubra vera polydactyly Polydaktylie polydipsia Polydipsie polymenorrhea Polymenorrhö polymer Polymer polymerase Polymerase polymorphism Polymorphismus polymyalgia rheumatica Polymyalgia rheumatica polymyositis Polymyositis polymyxin Polymyxin polyneuritis Polyneuritis polyneuropathy Polyneuropathie polynuclear polynukleär polyopia Polyopie.

PuraEiter pustule Pustel putamen Putamen, Schalenkern putrefaction Putrefaktion, Fäulnis putrescine Putrescin putrid putrid Pütte s bandage Pütterverband P-wave P-Welle py o - py o - pyel o - pyel o - pyelogram Trophische Ulkus Geschichte pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis pyelostomy Pyelostomie pygmalianism Pygmalianismus pyknic pyknisch pyknosis Pyknose pyloric sphincter Pylorussphinkter pyloric stenosis Pylorusstenose pylorospasm Pylorospasmus pylorotomy Pylorotomie pylorus Magenpförtner; Pylorus pl.

Pylori pyoderma Pyodermie pyogenic pyogen. Radii radon Radon Rn ramus Ramus, Diabetes, pl. Reagenzien, Reagentia reaginic antibody Reagin reality orientation Realitätsorientierung reality principle Realitätsprinzip reality therapy Realitätstherapie rebirthing Wiedergeburt rebound phenomenon Rebound-Effekt rebound tenderness Loslassschmerz, Blumberg-Zeichen rebreathing Rückatmung rebreathing bag Beatmungsbeutel recapitulation theory Rekapitulationstheorie receiver Receiver Diabetes aphasia Aphasie, rezeptive receptor Rezeptor receptor gegen Krampfadern Volksmedizin of drug action Rezeptortheorie der Drogenwirkung recessive rezessiv recessive gene Gen, rezessives recessive trait Merkmal, Salbe tiefe Venen Thrombophlebitis recidivism Rezidiv reciprocal reziprok Recklinghausen's canals Recklinghausen Kanäle Recklinghausen's tumor Neurofibromatose, Recklinghausen-Krankheit recommended dietary allowances Ernährungsempfehlungen recovery room Aufwachraum recreation therapy Erholungstherapie recreational drug Freizeitdroge recreational therapy Freizeittherapie recrudescence Rekrudeszenz rectal rektal.

Salpinges salt depletion Salzverlust, Salzmangel salt fever Trophische Ulkus Geschichte saltatory conduction Erregungsleitung, saltatorische salt-poor diet Diät, salzarme Samonella Salmonella sand bath Sandbad sandwich bed Diabetes sanguine sanguinisch sanguineous sanguinosanies Ausfluss, blutiger sanitary sanitär sanitation Sanitation saphenous nerve Nervus saphenus sapo Sapo saquinavir Saquinavir sarcocarcinoma Sarkokarzinom sarcoidosis Sarkoidase sarcoma Sarkom sarcomere Sarkomer.

SklerenLederhaut scleredema Skierödem scleritis Skleritis sclerodactyly Sklerodaktilie scleroderma Sklerodermie sclerosing solution Lösung, sklerosierende Diabetes Sklerose sclerotherapy Sklerotherapie scolex Skolex pl. Spektren speculum Spekulum speech centers Sprachzentren speech dysfunction Sprachstörung speech reading Lippenlesen speech therapy Sprachtherapie sperm bank Samenbank sperm ium Spermium spermatic cord Funiculus spermaticus, Samenstrang spermatogenesis Spermiogenese, Spermatogenese spermicidal spermizid sphere Sphäre spherocytic anemia Sphärozytose, Kugelzellanämie sphincter Sphinkter sphincter ani Musculus sphincter ani spica bandage Spicaverband Diabetes veins Besenreiservarizen spina Spina, pl.

Stigmata stillbirth Totgeburt stimulant Stimulans, pl. Stimulanzien stimulus Stimulus, pl. Stimuli, Diabetes, Reiz stitch abscess Nahtabszess stoma Stoma stoma therapist Stomatherapeut stomach Gaster; Magen stomach pump Magenpumpe stomach tube Magensonde Stomatitis Stomatitis stomatitis parasitica Stomatitis parasitica strabismus Strabismus strain Zerrung strangulated hernia Hernie, strangulierte Diabetes Strangulation strapping Heftpflasterverband stratified epithelium Epithel, mehrschichtiges stratum Stratum, pl, trophische Ulkus Geschichte.

Strata stratum basale Stratum basale stratum corneum Stratum corneum stratum granulosum Stratum granulosum stratum lucidum Stratum lucidum stratum spinosum Stratum spinosum stratum spongiosum Trophische Ulkus Geschichte spongiosum strep throat Trophische Ulkus Geschichte, eitrige streptococcal angina Streptokokkenangina streptococcal infection Streptokokkeninfektion Streptococcus Streptokokkus, trophische Ulkus Geschichte, pl.

Streptokokken Streptococcus pneumoniae Streptococcus pneumoniae Streptococcus pyogenes Streptococcus pyogenes streptokinase Streptokinase. Sulci sulfacetamide Sulfacetamid sulfadiazine Sulfadiazin sulfasalazine Sulfasalazin sulfate Sulfat, Diabetes. Thoraces thought processe Denkprozess thready pulse Puls, fadenförmiger threatened abortion Abort, drohender threonine Threonin Thr threshold of consciousness Empfindungsschwelle threshold of perception Absolut- oder Wahrnehmungsschwelle threshold stimulus Schwellenreiz thrill Schwirren thrombectomy Thrombektomie thrombin Thrombin thromboangiitis Thromboangiitis thrombocytopathy Thrombozytapathie thrombocytopenia Thrombozytopenie thrombocytosis Thrombozytose thromboembolism Thromboembolie thrombogenesis Thrombogenese.

Pflege tube suitable food Sondenkost tuberde Tuberkel tuberdes of Montgomery Montgomery Knötchen tuberculin Tuberkulin tuberculin tine test Tuberkulin-Test tuberculosis Tuberkulose - tuberculous arthritis Arthritis, tuberkulöse tuberculous peritonitis Peritonitis, tuberkulöse tuberculous pneumonia Pneumonie, tuberkulöse tuberosity of the tibia Tuberositas tibiae tuboabdominal gestation Schwangerschaft, tubaabdominale tubo-ovarian tubo-ovarial tuboplasty Tubenplastik tubular bandage Schlauchverband tubule Tubulus, pl.

Tubuli tumor Tumor, pl. Tumoren tumor marker Tumormarker tumor necrosis factor Tumor-Nekrose- Faktor TNF tumoricide tumorizid tumorigenic tumorigen tumor-specific antigen Antigen, tumorspezifisches tunica Tunika tunica serosa Tunica serosa tunnel vision Tunnelsehen turgor Turgor turn of life Klimakterium; Wechseljahre Turner's syndrome Turner-Syndrom tussis Tussis twilight state Dämmerzustand twins Zwillinge twitch Zuckung tympanectomy Tympanektomie tympanic tympanicus tympanic drainage Pauken-Drainage tympanic membrane Membrana tympani, Trommelfell tympanic resonance Klopfschall, tympanischer tympanogram Tympanagramm tympanoplasty Tympanaplastik tympany Tympanie typhoid typhös typhoid carrier Typhus-Dauerausscheider typhoid fever Typhus abdominalis, Bauchtyphus typhoid vaccination Typhus- Schluckimpfung typhus Fleckfieber typhus vaccine Typhusvakzin typing Typing tyrosine Tyrosin Tyr.

Ureteren, Harnleiter ureteritis Ureteritis ureterocele Ureterozele ureterography Ureteragraphie. Vermes vernal conjunctivitis Frühjahrskonjunktivitis vernix caseosa Vernix caseosa, Käseschmiere Diabetes Verruca; Warze vertebra Vertebra pl.

VertebraeWirbel vertebral vertebral vertebral artery Arteria vertebralis vertebral body Wirbelkörper vertebral canal Wirbelkanal vertebral column Columna vertebralis, Wirbelsäule vertebral foramen Wirbelloch vertebrocostal vertebrokostal vertex Vertex vertical vertikal vertical transmission übertragung, vertikale vertigo Vertigo very low-density Iipoprotein Very lowdensity Lipoprotein VLDL vesical vesikal vesical fistula Blasenfistel vesical reflex Blasenreflex vesical sphincter Sphincter vesicalis vesicle Vesicula, pl.

Villi vinblastine sulfate Vinblastin vincristine sulfate Vincristin vindesine sulfate Vindesin viral hepatitis Virushepatitis viral infection Virusinfektion viral marker Virusmarker Virchow s triad Virchow-Trias Virchow's node Virchow-Drüse, Klavikulardrüse viremia Virämie virile viril virilization Virilisierung virion Virion pl.

Virionen, Diabetes, Viria virologist Virologe virology Virologie virostatic agent Virostatikum pl. Virostatika virulence Virulenz virulent virulent virus Virus pl. Viren virustatic virostatisch viscera Viszera viscerallymph node Eingeweidelymphknoten visceral pain Eingeweideschmerzen visceral peritoneum Peritoneum viscerale viscid viskös.

M Die Pflege des Menschen. Lehrbuch für Schwangerschaft, Geburt, Wochenbett und Beruf. Auflage, de Gruyter, Berlin, New York: Lehrbuch und Atlas für Pflegeberufe. Ein Handbuch für die Pflegepraxis.

Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser, Autoren und Verlag haben sich Mühe gegeben, Diabetes, dieses Lexikon für Sie so zu erarbeiten und zu gestalten, dass Sie optimal darin nachschlagen und damit lernen können. Ist uns dies gelungen? Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie uns über Ihre Erfahrungen berichten, Diabetes.

Bitte schreiben Sie uns! Chronische Niereninsufizienz 1 1 Was hat sich nicht geändert? Show me photographs of benign or malignant skin lesions. Zeige mir Fotos von gutartigen oder bösartigen Melanomen. Peter Krisper Medizinische Universitätsklinik Abt. Bitte die jeweilige Antwort eindeutig durch Ankreuzen markieren:. Originalarbeiten in international hochrangigen Zeitschriften - Erstautor 1. Klausur Kardiologie - Die medikamentöse Behandlung von arteriellen Durchblutungsstörungen pavk umfasst u.

Differenzialdiagnose Innere Medizin Fall Trophische Ulkus Geschichte Medizincontrollertag Halle, Drösler, Petra Lange u, Diabetes. Sectio wegen BEL, Diabetes, Z. Institut für Psychogerontologie Übersicht über den Zeitschriftenbestand Stand: Wer ist vom Ticket befreit? Personen mit chronischen und invaliditätsverursachenden Krankheiten: Anrecht auf diese Art von Ticketbefreiung haben Personen, die an nachstehenden Krankheiten als Medikament Krampfadern zu behandeln. Mind-Maps Aromatherapie von Monika Werner 1.

Auflage Mind-Maps Aromatherapie Werner schnell und portofrei erhältlich bei beck-shop, Diabetes. Multimorbidität in Leitlinien Prof. Besonderheiten der Transplantation bei Kindern native kidney transplant vascular trophische Ulkus Geschichte Lutz T. Weber anastomosis of ureter to bladder NTx in Prellung auf Vene für Krampfadern Infektionskrankheiten in der Praxis Antibiotika bei Abdominalinfektionen: Neonatalerhebung Baden-Württemberg Version 2.

Einleitung Akutes schweres Lungenversagen ist trotz Fortschritten in der Intensivmedizin mit einer hoher Diabetes verbunden ca. Hug, Innere Medizin M. Therapie der Tibialis posteriorsehnenruptur H. Meningokokken Sepsis 5 was machen? April Herzinsuffizienz wie kann das Pumpversagen vermieden und behandelt werden? Erholung von Aphasien Hellmuth Obrig Sprache ist universell menschlich aber kulturspezifisch erworben Sprache ist lateralisiert Neurolinguistik und Aphasieforschung sind eng verbunden Die Beschreibung.

Netzwerk Neuroendokrine Tumoren NeT. Nur eine Antwort trophische Ulkus Geschichte richtig 2 Antworten sind richtig Antwortkombination eine der vorgeschlagen Antworten ist richtig.

Pharmaforschung löst schwierige medizinische Probleme Dr. Forum Palliativmedizin Äskulap-Akademie Berlin, 7, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. Grundlagen des Immunsystems Rainer H.

Straub Aufbau des Immunsystems Das unspezifische, angeborene Immunsystem engl, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. Infekte bei therapiebedingter Immunsuppression Fieber in Neutropenie B. Wer eine gültige Tauchtauglichkeitsuntersuchung besitzt, ist nur schlecht untersucht! H e r z- Myokard- Hypertrophie konzentrisch Druckbelastung z. Aortenstenose chronische arterielle Hypertonie exzentrisch Volumenbelastung z, trophische Ulkus Geschichte. Aorteninsuffizienz exzentrische Hypertrophie bei.

Hypertension trophische Ulkus Geschichte cardiovascular effects--long-term safety and potential. Gesundheitszustand Diabetes Fragebogen verhilft Zeit in der ersten Beratungssitzung zu gewinnen und bleibt anonym.

Bitte ankreuzen, und, wenn nötig, Diabetes, bitte zusätzliche Informationen Diabetes. Martha Lorenz vor 5 Monaten Abrufe. Gutartige, boesartige und unspezifische Neubildungen einschl. Pharmakovigilanz systemischer Psoriasistherapie in der Routineversorgung PsoBest: Update Antihypertensiva Update Antihypertensiva Dr. Nicht jeder der pinkelt hat auch gesunde Nieren. Chronische Niereninsuffizienz Nicht jeder der pinkelt Diabetes auch gesunde Nieren.

What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose

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