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Thrombophlebitis On this page: Definition Types Causes Top-Thrombophlebitis Implications What You Can Do Definition Thrombophlebitis is a condition characterized by formation of a blood clot and development of inflammation Top-Thrombophlebitis one or more of your veins, Top-Thrombophlebitis, typically in your legs.

Rarely, thrombophlebitis can affect veins in your arms. Return to top Types Superficial thrombophlebitis - involvement of a vein near the surface of Top-Thrombophlebitis skin. Deep vein thrombosis - involvement of a vein that is deep within Top-Thrombophlebitis muscle Return to top Causes Definitive cause is Top-Thrombophlebitis. Prolonged inactivity, such as sitting during a long period of travel in an airplane or automobile Lengthy bed rest after a heart attack, surgery or leg fracture.

Paralysis of your arms or legs e. An inherited tendency for blood clots to form, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Return to top Symptoms Warmth, tenderness and pain in the affected area Redness and swelling Fever When a deep vein is affected, your leg may become tender, Top-Thrombophlebitis, painful and swollen. When a superficial vein is affected, a red, hard and tender cord may be present Top-Thrombophlebitis under the surface of your Top-Thrombophlebitis Have a heart pacemaker Catheter in a central vein, for administering medication to treat a medical condition.

Increased pressure in the veins of your pelvis and legs due to pregnancy or have gone through labor birthing process. Clots in varicose veins Direct injury to the vein may be due to a penetrating wound. Infection in a vein, Top-Thrombophlebitis, may be from other parts of the body. Return to top Implications Long standing untreated thrombophlebitis of a deep vein may result in in a potentially life-threatening situation called pulmonary embolism.

In this condition the clot from a deep vein gets dislodged and travels to your lung where it can block an artery and can be fatal. A deep vein thrombosis may also damage valves in the veins in your legs pumping the blood back from your legs to your heart.

The pooling of blood can lead to ballooning of the veins, resulting in varicose veins. In some cases, the pooling may worsen and cause swelling of your legs, Top-Thrombophlebitis. With chronic swelling and increased pressure, skin discoloration called stasis pigmentation may occur, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Top-Thrombophlebitis ulcers may also develop. Recurrent episodes of deep vein thrombosis could obstruct the vein permanently. If there is a congenital heart defect such as an atrial or ventricular septal defect, Top-Thrombophlebitis, a clot can enter your arterial circulation and cause a heart attack or stroke.

Return to top What You Can Do Medications Injection of a blood-thinning medication, such as heparin, will prevent clots from growing. After the initial heparin treatment, treatment is continued with oral anticoagulant warfarin Coumadin to prevent the clots from forming. Wear you support stockings daily to prevent recurrent Krampfadern in den Beinen Volksmedizin and reduce the of complications of deep vein thrombosis.

Elevate your leg if it is swollen Apply heat to the involved area, using a warm washcloth for 15 to 30 minutes, two or three times daily. Insertion of a Top-Thrombophlebitis into the abdominal aorta is needed to prevent clots that might break loose in leg veins, Top-Thrombophlebitis, from lodging in your lungs, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Varicose vein stripping This procedure involves removing a long vein through small incisions Surgery, Top-Thrombophlebitis.

Tabletten nach der Operation von Krampf procedure is performed to treat chronic blocking Top-Thrombophlebitis a vein. The surgeon bypasses the blocked vein, Top-Thrombophlebitis, or opens up the vein angioplasty, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Once the vein has been opened up, a stent which is a very tiny, lattice-work coil is inserted to keep the vein open.

Prevention If you are in an Top-Thrombophlebitis, walk around the airplane cabin once an hour or so. If you are driving, Top-Thrombophlebitis, stop every hour, stretch your legs and walk around for a few minutes before continuing your journey, Top-Thrombophlebitis.

If your work requires you to be sedentary, move your legs frequently, flex your ankles, Top-Thrombophlebitis, or press your feet against the seat in Top-Thrombophlebitis of you. Take an aspirin just before a long trip. Aspirin interferes with your blood's clotting action. Policosanol, 10Mg 60 Tablets Quercetin, Mg Capsules Flaxseed Oil, mg, Top-Thrombophlebitis, softgels Content and products are not intended to diagnose, Top-Thrombophlebitis, treat, cure or prevent any disease, Top-Thrombophlebitis.

Please consult your Doctor. Phlebitis Thrombophlebitis On this page: Return to top Thrombophlebitis Policosanol, 10Mg 60 Tablets

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Dif Top-Thrombophlebitis level knowledge ref page obj 16 top. Which patient teaching would help to prevent venous stasis? Select all that apply, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Dangle legs when sitting b. Avoid crossing legs at the knee c. Elevate legs when lying in Top-Thrombophlebitis or sitting d, Top-Thrombophlebitis.

Massage extremities Top-Thrombophlebitis help maintain blood flow e. Wear elastic stockings when ambulating ANS: B, Top-Thrombophlebitis, C, E Avoid prolonged sitting or standing.

Avoid crossing the legs at the knee. Elevate Top-Thrombophlebitis when sitting. Wear elastic stockings when ambulatory, Top-Thrombophlebitis. Do not massage extremities because of danger of embolization of clots thrombus breaking off and becoming an embolus.

The nurse points out which of the following as modifiable risks for coronary artery disease CAD? A, C, D, E Modifiable risks for the development of CAD include smoking, hyperlipidemia, Top-Thrombophlebitis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and stress.

Top-Thrombophlebitis nurse outlines which of the following as conditions that would disqualify a candidate for a heart transplant? Peptic ulcer disease d.

Diabetes type 2 e. Inoperable coronary artery disease ANS: A, C, E Contraindications for candidacy Top-Thrombophlebitis cardiac transplant include recent malignancy, active peptic ulcer disease, severe obesity, diabetes type 1 with end-organ damage.

Dilated cardiomyopathy and inoperable coronary artery disease are indications for transplant. PageBox OBJ: Contraindications for cardiac transplant KEY: When assessing a patient with a possible MI, what should the nurse assess for? Pain radiating to left arm and jaw b. Cardiac rhythm changes ANS: B, C, D, E, F Hypertension, vomiting, Top-Thrombophlebitis, diaphoresis, hypotension, pallor, and cardiac rhythm changes are objective data seen Top-Thrombophlebitis patients Top-Thrombophlebitis an MI.

PageTop-Thrombophlebitis, Table OBJ: Health Promotion and Maintenance. Which of the following are signs of digoxin Lanoxin toxicity? Ringing in the ears b. This is the end of Unterwäsche von Krampfadern offizieller Seite preview.

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